The Joe-Mel Award

Maison Cross Roads created the Joe Mell Award, in 2011, to mark Mr. Mell's commitment to the reintegration into society of individuals who have been in conflict with the law. On the occasion of each Annual General Meeting of the corporation, the Joe Mell Award has been presented to individuals who, in an outstanding fashion, support persons who have been in conflict with the law and their families. The commitment to the reintegration into society of these individuals is congruent with the Mission and Objectives of our corporation.

2016 - Mr. Andrew Fogarty was recipient of the Joe Mell Award in appreciation of his involvement and advice in our efforts to raise funds for the installation of an elevator in our building on Notre-Dame Street.

2015 - The award was presented to John and Sandy McDonaugh in recognition of their support and their contribution as long-standing members of our Board of Directors.

2014 - Gilles Thibault worked for the Corporation since 1999 first with Service Option-Vie and then as the Coordinator of Service Oxygène where he was instrumental in implementing the Satellite Apartments. Gilles retired in 2013, but he was nominated for the award in recognition of his support and dedication offered to the clientele he helped with their reintegration into the community.

2013 - Michel Gagnon, the Executive Director of the corporation, was nominated by the President to receive the award. His loyalty to the corporation and its mission has been evidenced by the key role Michel has played in the creation of programs dedicated to social reintegration.

2012 - Mr. Richard Lord, a long standing respected member of our Board of Directors, was chosen to receive the award. Sadly, Mr. Lord passed away in March 2014 and we hope this award will help to immortalize his name and contribution.

2011 - The award was presented to Jacqueline Verrette whose commitment was also recognized when one of our Satellite Apartment was named in her honour.