Maison St-Léonard

A humanistic and individualized approach to social reintegration

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The primary purpose of Maison St-Léonard's CRF is to provide a structured release program for inmates transferred from federal penitentiaries. Residential and supervision services are provided for inmates released on day parole, full parole, statutory release and unescorted temporary absence.

Staff at Maison St-Léonard offer a humanistic and individualized approach to social reintegration to its residents. in addition, services are available in English and in French, which makes our resource unique in the community.

Maison St-Léonard is located in the St-Henri district of Montreal.

Services provided

Admission procedures

If you would like to apply for admission to Maison St-Léonard, you must inform your IPO/CPO who will forward a community assessment to our residential facility.

You can also contact us directly at 514-932-7188 ext. 1 where it will be possible for us to answer any specific questions that you may have. The Clinical Director, depending on the number of requests, can conduct periodic penitentiary visits in order to meet with potential clients.

Exclusion criteria

Additional information

For more information about Maison St-Léonard services, please contact Merris Centomo.

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