Satellite Apartments

A welcoming environment that eases re-entry into the community

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Service Oxygène's satellite apartments – Résidence Leo's Boys and Maison Jacqueline Verrette are rooming house type facilities. These resources were specifically designed to help elderly (50 years and over) parolees reintegrate in to the community after many years of incarceration.

Length of stay

The length of stay depends on each resident and his ability to become sufficiently autonomous to reintegrate the community in a satisfactory fashion. The length of stay is evaluated by the Admissions Committee every 6 months.

A resident whose warrant expiry ends during his stay will be given an extra 3 months of residency to find another apartment.


Résidence Leo's Boys is located in the St-Henri neighbourhood of Montréal while Maison Jacqueline Verrette is located in the Mercier/Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood.


In order to preserve a family atmosphere and the warmth of a normal home, the Appartements Satellites can house a limit of 8 to 11 men in each facility.

Services and activities

The coordinator of Service Oxygène is responsible for the overall operation of the Appartements Satellites. while an animator monitors their daily functioning. The Coordinator and the animator join forces to ensure that the Appartements Satellites offer a pleasant living environment.


Cohabitation with people having a similar history and past is reassuring for new residents who can adapt progressively and safely to their new environment without losing their former points of reference all at once.

Additional information

For more information about Satellite Apartments services, please contact Marc Fortin.

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