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The service is offered to

Elderly inmates (50 plus) who have received a life or long term sentence or who have been incarcerated later in life.


To intervene on behalf of the clientele with the Canadian Correctional Service and the community at large so that their needs are met with the best possible living arrangement.

To support the community reintegration of the people under its care by promoting an increased sense of autonomy and the desire to take on new challenges.

To incite the clientele to assume their responsibility and to respect the values and norms of the community they live in.

To create and maintain a network of community supporters (halfway houses and services for senior citizens, counsellors, volunteers, etc.) and correctional workers (penitentiaries, area offices, CCC, etc.) with the purpose of supporting the community reintegration of the people under its care.

The workers from Service Oxygène meet with the individuals faced with one or more of these needs and intercede, on their behalf, within the various correctional and community networks.

The workers from Service Oxygène have an excellent knowledge of these networks and can offer, to some, alternatives to long term incarceration. To those individuals already in the community, Service Oxygène helps prevent disorganization.

The help that is provided by the service

Service Oxygène motivates the elderly (50 plus) inmates and ex- inmates to actively take part in the management of their reintegration into the community by orienting them towards the services and programs available in the community.

Service Oxygène maintains ongoing liaison with the case management officers (in the institutions and in the community) and keeps abreast of Correctional Service Canada (CSC) and the National Parole Board (NPB) policies.

Service Oxygène assists the elderly (50 plus) inmates and ex-inmates in preparing for the next stage of their lives – cascading, parole, self- reliance in the community, transferring to new resources, etc.

Placement: This is central to our mission. Referrals for placement will be made within CRCs/CCCs, including other residences that can accommodate our client group (senior citizens home and other types of residences).

Community support: Service Oxygène will provide help to its clientele by offering employment assistance, housing, and basic life skills instructions.

Referral services: Service Oxygène offers access to various senior's resources, including referral to long term care facilities.

Public education: Service Oxygène will help bring awareness to the public, as well as to the correctional community, about the geriatric and criminogenic issues facing elderly offenders and the community at large.

Additional information

For more information about Service Oxygène services, please contact Marc Fortin.

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